One of my favorite things about traveling is sampling the street food in different countries. Fortunately for me, Beijing has plenty of delicious roadside snacks. To give you a taste of some of it, I went to the Donghuamen Night Market. It’s touristy, but it’s in a central location, is quite clean and has a lot of variety in one place.

Roasted or fried kabobs are always a good bet here, as are fried dumplings and vegetables wrapped in savory, thin pancakes. But the biggest draw is probably the fried scorpions and centipedes. These are mainly for the tourists, and I never saw another place in Beijing that had them. But, after all, most tourists in China are from China, so you can say Chinese people do eat this sort of thing, at least sometimes. I’m pretty squeamish about eating bugs, but I didn’t want to look like a total wuss, so I tried some with the camera rolling.

In case you’re concerned about the cleanliness of all of this, you should know that I haven’t gotten sick once since I’ve been in China. I just make sure not to eat chicken if it’s been sitting out raw, and I don’t drink the tap water. But food that is hot, fresh and cooked in front of me tends to be OK.