Tuo Le Kuzi Fang PiMeaning: Literally, this phrase means “Take off pants. Fart.” Figuratively, it indicates that someone is doing something unnecessary. Think about it for a minute and get back to me if you still can’t figure out why taking off your pants to fart would be unnecessary.

Why I Like This Phrase: I imagine this is pretty obvious. If there’s one thing I love, it’s third-grade-level bathroom humor. But the great thing about this phrase is that I actually learned it from the textbook we use at Princeton in Beijing. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the book, which in general teaches us very formal words, but the lesson with tuō le kùzi fàng pì was priceless. I don’t think this phrase is used very frequently, certainly not in polite company. It is colorful, though.

Pronunciation: The first word is in first tone, and the last three are in the fourth — or falling — tone. Click on the link to hear the phrase pronounced. Repeat at your leisure.

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