Hong Kong panorama5) People Movers: Hong Kong’s public transportation is stellar. The buses are double-decker. The subway system is clean, modern and easy to navigate. But the best is probably the huge series of escalators connecting the lower part of the city to a previously difficult-to-access section midway up a steep hill. I just like the idea of escalators as free public transport.

4) Dim Sum: Following a tip from my Princeton in Beijing roommate, Jacob and I had dim sum at West Villa in Causeway Bay. The meat in the chashaobao was sweet, the rice noodle rolls were paper-thin and the steamed meatballs were mild but flavorful. After months of Beijing cuisine, Hong Kong restaurants were a real treat.

3) No Censorship: A summer on the mainland meant I was ecstatic to have unfettered access to the Internet and television stations. Hong Kong might be part of China, but for another 40 years it will be run under a separate system, and that means people have easier access to information.

2) The Views: I can’t decide whether I prefer the view of the city from the top of Victoria Peak or the panorama from across the harbor. Either way, it’s a riot of neon and buildings built onto improbably steep hillsides. I love skylines like this because there is no logical reason for them — no reason for buildings to be built with so many lights, or that tall and close together. It makes me happy that people build them anyway.

And the No. 1 Reason I Like Hong Kong: It’s where Jacob and I got engaged, at night across the harbor from the mainland. So I suppose we’ll have an excuse to go back sometime. Yay!